June 13, 2008

2008 All-Star Fanfest Topps Exclusive

I found this article today on Beckett, and it made me happy.

This year, be sure to look for Topps at the MLB All-Star FanFest, in New York, July 11–15.

Topps encourages this year's MLB All-Star FanFest attendees to stop by the Topps booth for free sample cards, Pack Wars, prizes and a whole lot of fun. Topps is also offering several commemorative cards and sets, and a unique wrapper redemption program. Fans and collectors opening three packs of 2008 Topps or Bowman brand baseball cards at the Topps booth will receive an exclusive FanFest Topps card.

There will be eight different cards available during FanFest featuring some of New York's most popular players, both past and present.

Some of the Yankees players included will be Alex Rodriguez, Joba Chamberlain, Lou Gehrig and Mickey Mantle. The Mets players will include David Wright and Johan Santana. In addition, the Brooklyn Dodgers' Jackie Robinson will be featured on a card.

Topps is also offering a special 2008 All-Star Package Topps Baseball Complete Set.

Fans and collectors can stop by the Topps booth and purchase the unique 2008 Topps Baseball complete set that features a commemorative 2008 All-Star box and includes five exclusive "Yankees Legends" cards.

Fans who purchase this set at the 2008 FanFest will receive an additional five-card "Yankees Legends" set, produced exclusively for FanFest, including Rodriguez, Chamberlain, Chien-Ming Wang, Mariano Rivera and Jorge Posada.

They don't have to tell me twice to stop by. I hate money so I'll be there.

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