April 11, 2008

2008 UD Spectrum Blaster #1

I will start with my usual gripe, no Jeter & no Pujols cards.

I got 2 Yankee Stadium Legacy cards:
-251 - Urban Shocker
-276 - Lou Gehrig

1 Jeter Retrospectrum Card, DJ 57

The GU card was a Retrospectrum Swatches card of Adrian Gonzalez... whatever.

I felt this box was ok for what I paid for it, and because the reason I went to Target was not to buy this box anyway. The only real thing that made this not fun to open, was that you only get 4 cards to a pack, 7 packs to a box which translates into about 3 minutes of fun for $22.

Blaster #2 to follow shortly... as well as... (sigh) Blaster #3 (only because I walked through Target and discovered no one bought the 3rd box that was there yesterday, so I felt obligated to snarf it.)

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