February 15, 2008

Upper Deck's Clinton Blunder

Upper Deck had a clever idea when it came to its political cards. Rather than just have a regular photo giving card lovers a regular card, Upper Deck produced illustrated parodies of the nominees. Most were funny, except one.

Upper Deck didn't think about it until the cards were already in the packs, how a picture depicting Hillary Clinton as Morganna, The Kissing Bandit would be offensive. I get that there are no women in MLB, but what about women who played baseball. A League of Their Own is a popular movie, it's not as though no one would have thought of it.

This card is rarer than the other presidential cards (1 in 8 packs) because after printing some felt the card would be offensive. So they pulled the card manually from packs, but some cards have made it into circulation. These cards are fetching a hefty price tage. We're talking four figures here -- $1,500-plus.

Upper Deck plans to have another Clinton for Series II in May. With the way Obama has taken over, who knows if she is going to still be a candidate.

The one I would like to get is Rudy Giuliani playing the role of Jeffrey Maier.

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