February 25, 2008

A Pack a Day....

Keeps my wallet empty.

Just passing by BC Sports, and I went in... we all know what happened.

08 Topps Jumbo pack highlights:

Verlander 50th Anniversary, A-Rod Own the Game, Mantle Trading Card History, Colon Year in Review, and Mantle MHR 531.

Gold Ray Durham, Gold Foil NL Leaders #298, and Red Sox Postseason Highlights #234

Rookie cards: Hart, Pearce, and Detwiler

Yankees: Melky, Clemens, A-Rod MVP

Yeah, I bought 2 of them...

Pack 2:

Holliday 50th Anniversary, Magglio Ordonez OTG, Johnson YR, Mauer TCH, Mantle MHR 534

Gold Ian Kinsler (happy, I put his cards in my binder)

Gold Foil NL Leaders 326 & 327 (yawn)

Rookie card: Clint Sammons

Yankees: A-Rod #1

Democrat Joseph Biden

I swear off Topps on a daily basis, yet I have no problem buying more. I just like opening packs.

Stay tuned for a couple of 08 UD Series One Hobby packs later tonight.

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