February 20, 2008

For A Snowy Day

It's been snowing for a few hours and I have a cold. So, I figured there was no better thing for me to do but go to Target and get a blaster of Upper Deck Series 1. I know it's not exciting because it's a cheap base set, but I actually like these cards this year. I enjoy getting the little inserts and the fact that the box has one game-used card in it helps out.

So here are the highlights:

Pack #1: Base: Pettitte (I'm a Yankees fan)
Starquest: Mark Teixeira, Common.

Pack #2: Base: Billy Buckner RC
Starquest: Manny Ramirez, Common

Pack #3: Base: Frank Thomas. John McCain Presidental Card.
Starquest: Matt Holliday, Rare

Pack#4: Starquest: Holliday, Common

Pack #5: Base: Season Highlights, Jimmy Rollins; Jeff Clement RC
Starquest: Albert Pujols, Common

Pack #6: Base: Chris Young (SD), Jason Giambi, Joba Chamberlain
Starquest: Carlos Lee, Common

Pack #7: Base: Prince Fielder
Yankee Legacy, Moose Skowron (Side note: I have an auto'd baseball of his) #3028
Starquest: Kenn Griffey Jr., Common

Pack #8: Starquest: Hanley Ramirez, Common

Pack #9: Base: Ken Griffey Jr.
Starquest: Michael Young, Common

Pack #10:
Starquest: Vlad Guerrero, Common
GU - Ben Sheets jersey ... uh, i already got this one yesterday.

That sucked. I shoulda stayed home.

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