February 20, 2008

Early Morning Target Trip

I was woken up a wee bit earlier than I am currently used to today so I decided a good way to be less grumpy would be to get another US Series One Blaster. Honestly, you can't go wrong for $20 when you are guaranteed a GU Memorabilia card, and chances for Rare and Ultra Rare Starquest cards, YSL (Yankee Stadium Legacy) cards, and PP's (Presidential Predictors.

Game Used Jersey card was Jason Kubel

Ultra Rare Starquest - Travis Hafner

Super Rare Starquest - Matt Holliday

Rare Starquest - Justin Morneau

Un-Common Starquest - Magglio Ordonez

Common Starquest - Jeter, Soriano, Oritz, Ichiro, Utley, Jones, C.

Presidential Predictors - Rudy Guiliani

Yankee Stadium Legacy - Game 2219, Joe DiMaggio

Yankee Stadium Legacy - Game 2219 - Joe DiMaggio

Base Highlights: Phil Hughes, Bronson Sardinha, Posada, Santana, Mauer, Sizemore CL

I'm not going to lie, this won't be the last blaster of this set I will buy. I am hopeful that one day, I will get a Pujols or Jeter, or someone I collect on the GU card.

P.S. One hobby box, 2 Blasters, 2 Rack Packs, and roughly 6 hobby packs.... and no Pujols base card yet.

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